Severe Weather

  • Try to remain calm and reassure others. If you are indoors, move immediately to
    a safe place. Get under a desk, table, or workbench if possible. Stand in the
    interior doorway or in the corner of a room.
  • Watch for falling debris or tall furniture. Stay away from windows and heavy
    objects (such as machinery and refrigerators) that may topple or slide across the
  • Do not dash for exits since stairways may be broken and jammed with people.
    Do not use the elevators; power for elevators may fail and cause them to stop
  • Seek safety where you are when the earthquake occurs, and then leave calmly if
    evacuation is necessary.
    Be prepared for the electricity to go out and emergency alarms to start ringing.
    Expect to hear glass breaking, walls cracking, and objects falling.
    If you are outdoors, try to get into an open area away from buildings and
    When the shaking stops, there may be considerable structural damage and
    people may be injured.
    Turn off electricity; there is a potential danger from damaged wiring. Do not
    turn on electrical switches or appliances.
    Do not touch power strips, electric wiring, or objects in contact with power
    strips or wiring.
    Do not use the telephone except:
    To call for help.
    To report serious medical, fire or criminal emergencies.


  • In the event of a hurricane, please take the following precautionary measures
  • Move all valuables from perimeter offices to inside areas.
  • If you have blinds, draw them closed.
  • Close all doors to perimeter offices. The building will be officially closed, and
    services will be shut down when the hurricane is predicted to arrive in the area.
  • All elevators will be parked at the Lobby level when the building is closed.
  • The building will be cleared of all tenants and personnel.
  • The building will not be reopened until the Building Manager deems the building
    safe and all utilities restored.


  • If a Tornado Warning is issued or threatening weather approaches:
  • If you evacuate to the stairwells, please gather on the left side of the staircase in order to have a clear path for emergency personnel walking stairs.
  • Stay away from the windows.
  • If you cannot get to an interior room, get under a desk or other furniture that could protect you from flying debris or glass.
  • Do not leave the building or go to the lobby level of the building.
  • Remain in place, if possible, until it has been determined that the Tornado has passed.
  • Stay out of automobiles.


Winter storms may vary in size and intensity; a storm may range from a minor ice storm to a full-blown blizzard. The Spectrum Companies will continually monitor The National Weather Service in the event of a winter advisory. Proper precautions will be taken inside and outside of the building. We recommend you develop a ‘snow emergency’ policy with your organization. The building will always maintain regular business hours unless we have been advised by City Officials to do otherwise.


  • WINTER STORM WATCH: Severe winter conditions may affect the area (freezing
    rain, sleet, or heavy snow may occur either separately or in combinations of all
    three precipitation).
  • WINTER STORM WARNING: Severe winter weather conditions are imminent.
  • HIGH WIND WATCH: Sustained winds of at least 40 mph, or gusts of 50 mph or
    greater are expected to last for at least one hour.
  • HEAVY SNOW WARNING: Snowfalls of at least 4 inches in 12 hours or 6 inches in
    24 hours are expected.
  • BLIZZARD WARNINGS: Sustained wind speeds of at least 35 mph are expected,
    accompanied by considerable falling and/or blowing snow. Visibility is
    dangerously restricted.