Janitorial Services


There are multiple Day Porters on duty at Vantage South End during the work week. If you observe a janitorial problem in any area, please submit a work order.


Janitorial service is provided Monday – Friday evenings after normal business hours. Routine office cleaning includes vacuuming, dusting and emptying wastebaskets. Service to your suite will commence on the first regular service day after your move-in unless you have requested otherwise.

As a reminder, please do not place any object near, on top of or against trash receptacles if the material is not to be thrown away. Please utilize provided trash stickers or place a paper sign with the words TRASH/BASURA on any item to be thrown away that will not fit in a regular receptacle. Break down any cardboard boxes and place in the service elevator lobby with designated signage. The janitorial crew will dispose of the item.

Please note that the janitorial crew will NOT dust any computer equipment, including terminals, hard drives or keyboards; nor will they vacuum or dust near computer cables or wires. This is for your protection to avoid disrupting any sensitive computer equipment. The janitorial crew will not dust around objects on a bookshelf. If you wish to have a bookshelf or other areas dusted, please clear the area and notify the Vantage South End Management Team.

You may request spot cleaning by submitting a work order.